Psalm 139:23

"Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way of the everlasting."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ordinary people doing ordinary things

"... Later along came Joseph & Moses & many other ordinary people that the movie also is not about. God is the one who picks them & directs them & works miracles through them."
- Crazy love

Recently I become aware of a common misconception regarding God's work within us. Growing up I was always amazed by the extraordinary things God did through ordinary people. Moses couldn't speak and yet he led God's people out of Egypt. David was just a shepherd boy and yet he killed a Giant. Simple fishermen become evangelists. We teach all about the ordinary people doing extraordinary things, but what about ordinary people that only do ordinary things? 

Throughout CBC (Contact Bible Club) I have continually been reminded of the importance of the ordinary things. Two weeks ago we went on a field trip to the Muskogee Water Park. One of my buddies is a boy from Parkview Apartments. He is a total fireball, full of energy and always finding trouble. However, I absolutely love him! He has a precious heart and on occasions he shares his heart with the Contact crew. That morning he informed me that he had two dollars to use at the concession stand. To fully understand the importance of this story, you have to remember that I work in inner city Tulsa. Two dollars may not be much to me, but it is a lot of money to a Contact kid. 

Anyway, when we went to set our things together at "Contact's table", Dre approached me with a Dr. Pepper in his hand. He said, "Miss Kayla, I bought you a Dr. Pepper. I love you!" I was overwhelmed by his small act of kindness. There is nothing special about a Dr. Pepper. It is just a soda. However, there is something significant about the heart of that little boy. He spent his own money that day to bless me. No one told him to do so. I was amazed!

I shared this story in Children's Worship this Sunday. We were discussing being salt & light to those around us. Now that my paradigm has been shifted I wanted to share that shift with the Contact kids. God isn't always about big, extravagant things. He is in every single act of service displayed in this world. This is where I am today... desiring to convey the importance of allowing God to work within the small things... holding doors, buying someone a pop, writing an encouragement note, asking how someone is and actually caring what the answer is, etc. 

Although I still believe that God uses drastic measures to meet His people, at this given time I am focused on the small, every day ways that I see my Lord working through the Contact kids. I was blessed to be a part of Contact Bible Camp this summer. The kids grew in magnificent ways. I could share countless stories of the selflessness I saw in the hearts of the Contact kids this summer. God is at work in the hearts & minds of His children & I look forward to continuing to watch Him do ordinary things through ordinary people for the purpose of His kingdom. 

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