Psalm 139:23

"Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way of the everlasting."

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saying Goodbye...

Today Donna & Brian are moving to Virginia :(. Yesterday I went by to give the kids some pictures they had been asking for & to say goodbye. It was probably the hardest goodbye I have ever said. Almost eight years ago we met the Alt family. They moved in across the street. At the time they only had two children; Logan and Lauren. Our dog had just had puppies & the kids were enthralled with them. Brian brought them over almost every day to pet the puppies. About a year later I started babysitting for them & from then on my heart belonged to this family.

In the past seven years we have shared so many memories... some good and some very sad. I will share a few of my favorite stories of the kids...

This year I took Logan out for his birthday. We went to target & he was able to pick out his birthday present. This conversation took place in the car...

Logan: Kayla, really, when are you gonna get married?
Me: Idk Logan! I have to find a boy that wants to marry me.
Logan: Kayla there are lots of boys who would want to marry you if you would stop dumping them.  
Since I went off to college Logan & Lauren's biggest concern has been that I find a man to "take care of me". He told Curtis not long ago, "Maybe she will marry you... if she doesn't dump you first."

Lauren is a tad-bit of a drama queen. There are several crazy stories that I could share about her, but one of my favorite memories of Lauren is when Donna told us that the twins were gonna be boys (Lexi & Linds... obviously the dr. was wrong). Lauren was upset because she didn't want to be the only girl in the family. I had always called her my princess & proceeded to tell her how special it was that she would be my only princess. Therefore, when the twins were born & they were girls the first thing Lauren said to me was, "They are not your princess Kayla! I'm your only princess!" So the twins became my baby girls & Lauren is still my princess. She told Lindsey this story yesterday. 

There are so many things that describe Landon... he is absolutely hilarious. Donna & Brian had planned on only having three kids. Because I thought Landon was the last baby I spoiled him rotten. He is still spoiled by me :). When the twins were born & Landon was put in a big bed he was notorious for never staying in his bed. Every time I was there he would come out to the living-room & say "Kayla hold you!" This would result in me laying in bed with him until he fell asleep. Even now he still asks me to lay with him until he falls asleep.

Now for the famous twins! The stories that happen when you are close to twins are countless. Lex & Linds loved to make messes together. My favorite story of them was the last time I kept the twins before Lexi got her transplant. I had come back from college during the week so that I could see Lexi before she had to go back to St. Louis. When I got to their house the babies were down for a nap. I could hear them talking in their bedroom. When I opened the door there was a huge mess all over the floor! All of their stuffed animals, diapers, and wipes were scattered all over the floor. I said, "Oh my goodness girls! Who made this mess?" Lexi said, "I not do nothing. Lindsey do it! I lay right here." I said, "Linds, you made this mess?!" She said, "Yes, but I pick it up." They were so funny together.

Leland... the baby of 6. Leland has the most adorable smile. I love that little boy so stinkin' much. Lauren's favorite memory of Leland & I was the first time I every babysat him. He was just a few weeks old. When I was changing his diaper for the first time I wasn't fast enough & he peed on me. Lauren thought that was just the funniest thing. However, my favorite memory of Leland is from the other night. Curtis & I were taking pictures with the kids before their big move. I jokingly said, "Donna, you can move but let me keep your kids." Leland replied, "I get my shoes Kayla. I go with you." He really did go grab his shoes. It was so stinking cute!

I am so thankful for the many years I got to be a part of the Alt's family. Donna & Brian have taught me so much about how to be a faithful Christian wife and mother. They will never know the way they impacted me simply by how they lived their lives. Their love for the Lord & their strength in the midst of terrible tragedy has changed my life forever. I will miss them more then I could ever describe, but I know that when you form relationships like we have they do not end when someone has to move. I look forward to continuing our relationships & to the visit to D.C. 

Thank you Lord for placing such special people in my life. Please be with them as they transition into their new home. Give them special friends who love you. Be with each of the kids & help them to enjoy their new home. Give them comfort as I know their hearts are hurting today. Please bless them abundantly as they continue to follow you!
In Jesus Name,


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